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Hot rods and production cars

Revenge was voted “Best Hotrod of the Century” by members of the National Street Rod Association. Making it’s debut appearance at Olympia, London in 1976 it won “Best of Show” and numerous other category awards with many more to follow at numerous other shows in the U.K. and Sweden. Always displayed on a full size mirror to show off the meticulous attention to detail and finish from top to bottom. This was Nick’s second hotrod and featured many new and unique solutions to more traditional hot rod themes of the day. McLaren and E Type Jaguar suspension components combined with numerous polished and chromed one-off engineered parts complemented by an all new body shell inspired by early Ford delivery vehicles. Seven litre “big block” Chevrolet V8 engine with 6.71 GMC supercharger producing around 800 B.H.P. to create a memorable impression for many whether at shows or as a passenger.

An Austin Devon van with an all aluminium bodyshell and 400 Pontiac V8 engine. Now add a quad Weber carburettor assembly to a 6.71 GMC supercharger to provide further Hotrod credentials. But with the press of two buttons on a key fob the “flip front” and bodyshell unlock themselves from the chassis and automatically raise to enable onlookers to inspect the chromed, polished and painted chassis and suspension. When all the questions have been answered the body and front lower and lock in time for more show and go.

In 1927 Ford introduced a Model T coupe with it’s high roof that enabled doctors to wear their top hats whilst driving. “Vitamin T” built by Nick in late 1978 using an original steel bodyshell over an all new chassis with scratch built independent suspension. A 350 Chevrolet V8 and Turbo 350 automatic transmission provided the “Wolf in Sheep’s clothing” power. Best of show winner at it’s first outing and class winner throughout the early ‘80’s

Model T Fords were popular in America during the ‘60’s as Hot Rods started to appear. This was Nick’s first scratch built car in 1974 and used the respected Oldsmobile Rocket 88 engine. A shortened pick-up deck, deep buttoned leather interior around the near vertical steering column and transverse leaf spring suspension front and back ensured that Nykilodeon stamped it’s place in the U.K.’s Hot Rod history books. The car still appears at shows and on the road today.

Morris Minors have appeared at motor events in standard, restored and modified forms. Nick modified this particular car many times before being asked by it’s owner to completely rebuild it using only parts of the bodyshell in it’s all new re-incarnation. Starting with a newly fabricated chassis and suspension and using a highly modified Rover V8 engine from a successful circuit racing team, subtle body shape changes produced that classic stance that set it apart from other “Moggies”. 

Andromeda was built in 1978 with a “no limit” specification. The 426 Chrysler Hemi V8, twin 4 barrel Holley carburettors, 6.71 GMC supercharger and Torqueflite gearbox was considered the ultimate combination. A “Fad” T bodyshell complete with leather and suede interior could be flipped up to reveal a highly detailed chassis. Suspension followed on from Revenge; torsion bar front suspension with Super Bell axle and a Salisbury limited slip differential with fabricated wishbones and rear uprights complete with Koni coil over shock absorbers. Class winner at numerous shows throughout the late ‘70’s and ‘80’s and holder of the “Fastest accelerating road legal car” in it’s day. Voted “Second Best Hotrod of the Century” (Revenge holding first place) by members of the National Street Rod Association.

Cirrus, designed and built by Nick Butler was a mid V8 engined, four wheel drive targa top sports car built to full production car standards. Described as “Tardis like” by some main stream journalists who tested the car for television and the motoring press when the car was launched in 1990. A rear mounted radiator left space for a full size spare wheel and targa roof stowage. Space frame chassis, Ferguson four wheel drive centre differential and full independent suspension completed this neatly packaged sports car.

"The Cartier 'Style et Luxe' is possibly the most coveted car design competition in the world. It's a concours d'elegance like no other: a celebration of the beautiful, the imaginative and the innovative in automotive design." (As reported on the Goodwood Festival of Speed website)

This car, built by Nick Butler and completed by Chris Andrews was the first hot rod to be accepted as fulfilling the exacting requirements necessary to feature in this annual exhibition of automotive excellence.

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