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UAV's & Aeroplanes

U.A.V.’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), During 2009 two unmanned aerial vehicles (U.A.V.'s) were designed with one progressing to production. Moulds were CNC machined and this particular aircraft went on to fly and carry out testing in time to be displayed at the Farnborough Air Show during summer 2010. One design featured a pneumatically launched parachute recovery system to overcome the issue of ejecting the parachute with the more normal explosive charge deployment. Also designed was an extendable modular fuselage that enabled various sized instrument loads to be accommodated within an adjustable geometry fuselage.


Our first three scale models are an F18 Hornet , the SR71 Blackbird and a B2 Spirit Stealth bomber. All models are produced using a lightweight hollow composite construction of glass/carbon, epoxy, foam sandwich. Surface finish is built in and includes all panel lines and wing corrugations on the Blackbird faithfully reproduced. Clear canopies and water slide or dry rub-down transfers are included. 

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